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School Messenger Notification System

OUSD uses SchoolMessenger as our district-wide notification system. Notification regarding an emergency situation is simultaneously delivered via text message, email, and phone.

How do recipients opt-in to receive text messages?
1. Text the word “YES” to 67587 from each wireless device they wish to receive texts on.

How do recipients opt-out of receiving text messages?
Recipients not wishing to receive text messages to a particular number can simply do one of the following:
1. Don’t opt-in, and don’t reply to the opt-in invitation message.
2. Text “STOP” to 67587 at any time.
3. Opt out online at SchoolMessenger website.

I opted in, but I’m not receiving texts?
Ensure that your school has your cell phone number on file in PowerSchool.  It may take 24 hours for this number to be active after being changed or added to the district’s system. You can contact your school's front office to update this information. You will also have the opportunity to update this information during the Online Re-enrollment process starting on July 1st.

Send a text with the word “YES” from that specific device to 67587. You should receive an opt-in confirmation message from the service. If you want to receive texts on multiple devices, each device number must have an opt-in receipt.

If your school principal sends an emergency or test text message through SchoolMessenger and you still did not receive it after performing the steps noted above, email Include your first and last name, your child's/children's first and last names, grades and school(s) attended.