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Grades 6-8

Distance Learning Schedule Grades 6-8 - Session Cycle

Distance Learning Schedule Grades 6-8 - Session Cycle

Features of the Distance Learning Schedule 6-8:

  • Highlights: 

    • Synchronous, live lessons are more effective and manageable with fewer students in Zoom sessions; teachers can better support student emotional wellness with time in small cohorts; easier to assign break-out groups and keep students engaged

    • Model pivots easily to in-person Hybrid Session Cycle Model, which will significantly limit student and teacher contact when it is deemed safe to return to campus

    • Monday “flex day” is aligned with AUHSD weekly schedule for students

    • Provides a majority of the required 240 minutes of daily instruction synchronously

  • Structure:

    • Students take two subject classes for three weeks (Session 1) before moving to their next two classes (Session 2), and finally their last two classes (Session 3) to complete a Cycle

    • Each semester is comprised of two Cycles

    • Each class period is divided into two cohorts: Group A and Group B. Each cohort has 13-14 students.

    • Students are scheduled into six periods, including one elective for 6th grade and two electives for 7th and 8th grades. P.E. is not an assigned class period for students. Students are expected to engage in P.E. activities several times per week during each Session.

  • Instruction:

    • Teachers provide rigorous and targeted unit work focused on essential standards for each Session.

    • Students are assigned review and preview of content as appropriate for classes throughout the Cycle to ensure retention of essential skills and standards and to maximize learning.

    • Students will not have consecutive Core (ELA/social studies block) periods or elective periods. Every session will therefore have at least one academic course. Sixth graders will have Core for every session.

    • Students “meet” four days a week with their two subject area teachers in 85-minute blocks allowing for in-depth unit work, project-based learning, and relationship-building.


In-Person Hybrid Schedule Grades 6-8 - Session Cycle

In-Person Hybrid Schedule Grades 6-8 - Session Cycle

Features of the In-Person Hybrid Schedule 6-8:

  • Limits number of weekly contacts for both students and staff members thereby reducing the risk of exposure 

  • Allows for a significant amount of in-person instruction per week

  • Pivots easily so it can be implemented for live, In-Person Hybrid, or online Distance Learning

  • Allows for more flexible opportunities for learning and relationship-building, with teachers seeing two groups of students (13 at a time) each day for an extended period (3 hours each group)