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INTERdistrict Transfer Guidelines

Interdistrict Transfers Into the District

"Interdistrict transfers" (IDT) are required for students residing outside of Orinda city limits, who wish to attend an Orinda school (BP 5117).

  • The approved interdistrict releases must be received by Orinda Union School District within July 15 to July 31 to be considered.

Please note that limitations in classroom space and district resources are primary factors in considering interdistrict transfer agreements. Orinda Union School District (OUSD) gets involved only AFTER the school district of residence approves to release students from their jurisdiction.

  • Contact your school district of residence and obtain an interdistrict transfer (IDT) form.
  • Once the completed form is reviewed and approved by the district of residence, a copy will be forwarded to OUSD.
  • Approved IDT releases must be received by OUSD during July 15 – July 31.
  • Upon receipt of the approved IDT request, OUSD will generate a letter to parents requesting academic and behavioral records.
  • There is no guarantee that IDT requests will be approved by OUSD.  Parents are strongly encouraged to keep their student enrolled at their home school until the IDT is approved.
  • The IDT review process is, first and foremost, determined by the availability of space within Orinda USD.
  • School assignments for transferring student are at the prerogative of OUSD.
  • The application for an IDT can be denied due to overcrowding within OUSD schools or limited district resources.
  • Written notification to the parent/legal guardian and the student's district of residence as to whether the application has been accepted or rejected will be provided no later than August 15.
  • IDT agreements shall be granted for a term of ONE school year and must be renewed for approval annually. 

Interdistrict Transfers Out of the District

If a resident of the Orinda Union School District (OUSD) would like to request permission for their child to attend a school outside of the Orinda district boundaries, the parent/guardian must submit an Interdistrict Transfer Request Form. The request is to be submitted to the OUSD Business Services Department located at the district office. Final approval of the Interdistrict Transfer will be made by the requested district. If approved by the requested district, the Interdistrict Transfer Agreement is valid for a term of ONE school year and must be renewed for approval annually.

Interdistrict OUT of Orinda USD-2021-22

Interdistrict OUT of Orinda USD 2022-23