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Mindi van Gemeren

Mental Health

OUSD strives to nurture the social, emotional, and physical well-being of all students. We recognize that at times students may experience social-emotional problems that impact their ability to learn. We are prepared to meet the ever-changing needs of the whole child and address these barriers they may be experiencing by offering a continuum of mental health services.

What mental health services are provided to help struggling students?

Students can participate in a variety of services to help address their identified needs, including individual and group counseling, and at times, referrals to community agencies.

Counseling services at the elementary level are provided to help students develop strong social skills, and to learn how to advocate for their intellectual, physical, social, and emotional needs. School counselors and staff guide students through this process using curriculum emphasizing conflict resolution, positive social interaction, and decision-making strategies. At the secondary level, counseling services help students in need develop self-awareness, feel a sense of belonging, feel connected and included, and confidently interact in their world with empathy and resilience. In unique situations, students may receive mental health services as outlined in a Section 504 Plan or an Individualized Education Program.

Who can refer a student for mental health services?

Parents/Guardians can refer students by contacting the student's teacher, school psychologist, school counselor, or site administrator.

Teachers can refer students by completing a Wellness Referral form or contacting the school psychologist directly. All teachers must complete a Wellness Referral form at the time of initial referral.

Students can self-refer or refer friends by speaking directly with a staff member.