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California Standards

The California Standards were developed through a state-led national initiative to establish consistent and clear education standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics that would better prepare students for success in college, career, and the competitive global economy. The California Standards include the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English Language Arts and Mathematics.

The English Language Arts Standards include literacy standards for History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects.

The Mathematical Standards are divided into Mathematical Practices and Content Standards:

  • The eight (8) Mathematical Practices focus on the process for fostering student understanding of mathematical concepts (example: making sense of problems: using appropriate tools strategically), and are the same at each grade.

  • Mathematical Content Standards focus on the mathematics that students are expected to learn by grade level and are different at each grade.

The term “California Standards” covers not only English language arts and mathematics, but all subject areas including science (or the Next Generation Science Standards), English language development, history-social science, health, physical education, visual and performing arts, and career technical education. In addition, the context for these standards have been developed and reviewed by California educators.

The CCSS are available on the California Department of Education website.

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