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2019 Updates to Orinda Intermediate School Math Placement Process
Posted 3/14/19

We are pleased to announce improvements in the Orinda School District recommendation process for math students as they move from their elementary schools into OIS.  Our goal with this new system is to ensure that we have a strong understanding of all students’ math progress and clear evidence of a student’s readiness for an appropriate placement.  The rationale to this new recommendation process are:

  • Provides consistency, alignment, and coherence throughout district

  • Utilizes a broader/clearer measurement for appropriate placement

  • Appropriate placement allows for effective instruction and student access

  • Provides objective information focused on performance, not judgement​​​​​​​

  • Provide a foundation for long term math success and identity

This system will also provide information so the OIS math department will determine readiness, rather than relying solely on recommendations of 5th grade teachers.  Orinda strives to place students in classes that are appropriately challenging for all students. There is strong evidence to suggest that placing students in math classes they are not ready for has long-term negative impacts on their math success.  We believe that this new process will give our staff and parents a more accurate picture of which students are ready for the rigors of an accelerated path. It will also enable our teachers to truly meet the needs of students in both our accelerated and grade-level classes.

Please go to the Math Placement Resources Website link below for more information

For further questions, please contact David Schrag at