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History/Social Studies Adoption Process

June 15th, 2020

Hello Orinda Parents and Community Members,

The Orinda Union School District has been engaged for two years with a History / Social
Studies (HSS) adoption process. This has included more than twenty teachers from all grades and sites participating in a screening and pilot process that focused on six key criteria for our materials:

  • Content Alignment With Standards
  • Assessment
  • Universal Access
  • Program Organization
  • Instructional Planning and Teacher Support
  • Integrated ELD

While we are close to officially adopting a set of materials, we want to ensure that parents have a chance to preview them. With recent events both nationally and locally, there is an interest in ensuring these materials also meet the needs of our district to represent a diverse set of people, perspectives and ideas that previously were not included in our older materials. One way the State has facilitated the expanded themes of diversity and inclusion is through the Assembly Bill 48, also known as the FAIR Act, which went into effect in January 2012.

Some things to consider when looking at these materials:

  • California has one of the most rigorous and progressive screening processes for the History frameworks and adoption. The State framework was recently updated in 2017. The California Department of Education has an Instructional Quality Commission made up of 18 people that developed the HSS framework and then screened all of the materials.
  • Currently the California Department of Education has approved 10 total publishers for consideration by districts, and four of those publishers offer materials for grades K-6. Orinda is required to have material that is aligned with State standards.

For more about our Orinda USD adoption process, please click HERE.

For a link to preview of the Savvas (Pearson) History / Social Studies Materials:

Step 1: Go to Pearson (now called Savvas) History Social Science Materials

Step 2 : Click on “Sign In” tab at the top of the page

Step 3: Choose a grade level:
     Grade 2
     User Name: OrindaCAMWIGrade2
     Password: Welcome1

    Grade 5
    User Name: OrindaCAMWIGrade5
    Password: Welcome1

On June 29th at 6:00 p.m.,the Orinda Board of Trustees will be meeting via Zoom to discuss
and consider approval of these materials for elementary schools. You are welcome to join this public meeting via Zoom to hear their discussion. Please visit the Quick Links section of the Homepage and click on “Board Agenda.”