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Device Purchasing/Borrowing Information

Hello parents,

If you are needing a device for students at home during distance learning, we are hoping to offer an option to purchase a Chromebook for grades 3-8 through a District portal at the beginning of August, 2020.  You also have the option of checking out a Chromebook (grades 3-8) or iPad (grades TK-2) through the District lending request form

Chromebooks purchased through the District portal will be automatically managed by the district which will allow us to provide an internet filter and other district level features and setting. There will also be an option to purchase a 3-year accidental damage protection plan.

If you do not want to wait for the District portal, you have the option of purchasing Chromebooks from other vendors as well. We do recommend that you consult this list from Google to make sure that the Chromebook you purchase has support from Google  through June 2026 or June 2028. Below is a current list of Chromebooks that are currently in stock at vendor sites that we would recommend. I will try to keep this list as current as possible over the next few weeks.


Can I use a Microsoft Windows or Apple Macbook computer?
Yes. These computers can be used for distance learning from home, but we will only be allowing Chromebooks to be used at school sites when students return physically to school. The reason for this is that we cannot effectively manage student-owned Macbooks and Microsoft Windows computers to prepare them for state testing and other District level settings.

What specifications should I be looking for when purchasing a Chromebook or using an existing computer from home?
The device should:

  • connect to the internet via Wi-Fi.
  • have at least 5 hours of battery life.
  • have a headphone jack (students should bring their own headphones as well).
  • be able to run all Google apps like Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.
  • should have at least 4GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage for Chromebooks.
  • have a minimum 11" screen.

What does “district-managed” mean?
District-managed means that your device is enrolled in the district’s Google Chrome Management console. Enrollment requires a license (purchased by the District) and assigned to a specific device. Once enrolled, the district can push out policies, filter web content, and manage apps and extensions.

Enrollment in the district’s Google Chrome Management console is also an important part of protecting your student’s online/data privacy and assisting students in creating a positive digital footprint.

Why did the district choose to offer district-managed Chromebook instead of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model for grades 3-8?
There are several reasons for using a standardized Chromebook over a BYOD model.

  • First and foremost is student safety. Chromebooks were specifically chosen because they are designed to be more secure than laptops, to resist hacking, and to prevent the introduction of malware. Since 2010, when Chromebooks were introduced, there have been no verifiable attacks on the Chrome operating system. For more information on the security of Chromebooks, please review the following article: What makes a Chromebook so secure? We manage all district-owned Chromebooks or Chromebooks brought from home to ensure only district-approved apps and extensions are accessible to students, web content is filtered, and teachers can monitor student use during class.
  • Second is student experience. Chromebook were chosen for their robust design and functionality in the educational setting. Chromebooks were designed with student lifestyle in mind: transporting to and from school, in and out of backpacks, accidental bumps and drops, etc.
  • Third, a uniform device platform ensures that a teacher’s efforts are focused on instruction and engaging students in learning, rather than trying to troubleshoot a unique personal device. Teachers should not be put into a position of having to provide tech support to a myriad of device types to ensure that classwork can continue in the face of a tech problem with a personal device.
  • Fourth, the district can ensure equity of access when all students are using a similar computing platform. All students can easily be provisioned with the right software, the correct tools, and have similar user experiences without some students having a poor experience because their machine did not meet the proper specifications or have access to the right software tools.
  • Finally, District Tech Staff cannot guarantee support and security for an unlimited number of different computing platforms on a BYOD network. There are some configurations of devices and operating systems which have had problems associating to the district’s BYOD network in the past.

My child would like to use a personal device at home, is this okay?
Yes, students may use personal devices at home to complete school work. All students, however, will need a district-managed Chromebook while at school (please see information about district-managed devices above). We are hoping to offer the option to managed your own Chromebook before returning to a hybrid model. More details will be provided in the next month. Any student-owned device will have district-management removed if they leave the district or graduate.

Borrowed Devices

Do you provide tech support to those that borrow devices?
Due to the small size of the Technology Department, we are not able to offer technology support. If the computer is not working, we can exchange it for another. Reach out to teachers for any issues accessing websites or software.

Can I install my own software?
District restrictions prevent software from being installed on any district device.

Can I plug in headphones/microphones?

Can I plug in a keyboard and mouse?
Yes, but we do not guarantee that all brands will work and you do so at your own risk.