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COVID-19 Information and Resources

2022-23 COVID-19 Information

Orinda Union School District  prioritizes the safety and health of all students, staff and family members. The district will continue to implement and adhere to all requirements set forth by the California Department of Public Health and Contra Costa County Health Services. We recommend that all staff and families follow the recommendations found in the updated 2022-2023 COVID CDPH Guidance for schools.

Health Information

Symptom Checking
To prevent the spread of virus and reduce the risk of exposure, all staff and students must conduct symptom screening from home each day prior to entering a district site. Any student or employee experiencing symptoms must remain at home. 

COVID-19 Testing

Testing for COVID-19 continues to be a key strategy to reduce transmission in school settings. The District utilized an at-home testing model. Over-the-counter (OTC) antigen testing kits will be provided to all students at long breaks and when requested due to symptoms. 

Antigen testing kits are available to staff and students at school offices in case of COVID symptoms or due to significant exposure. 

OUSD will be following the California Public Health Department Testing Framework for K-12 Schools. 

Positive COVID Cases

Health and safety remain a priority for our district. As such, we ask that families report all student positive cases to your school office. All reported cases will be tracked on the District’s COVID Dashboard and reported in the State Dashboard.

Case Management

We ask that families follow the recommendations set forth by the California Department of Public Health. Based on these recommendations, students should remain at home if symptomatic, take a COVID home test and return to school when symptoms are improving and the student is free from a fever without medication for 24 hours. This CCHS resource provides additional information.


State and county health officials strongly recommend that students get vaccinated against COVID-19. 

Staff, chaperones and volunteers are required to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination. Those who are not vaccinated must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test.

Safety Information

Face Covering

Face masks continue to be “strongly recommended” but not required for students and staff. Supplies of standard surgical masks are provided to schools, and masks are available to students and staff who request them.

Indoor Ventilation

OUSD will continue to optimize HVAC units to bring fresh air into spaces. The district uses MERV-13 filters in all HVAC units and the filters are replaced on a quarterly basis. Portable air cleaners with HEPA filters are available in all instructional spaces in addition to the HVAC system.

Volunteers on Campus
Volunteers must show proof of vaccination or negative test while volunteering on campus.