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Email the Board

The Board of Trustees welcomes your comments and input.  Please realize that while Board Members may respond individually, public meeting laws do not allow more than two members of the Board to engage in any communication that could impact an item that may be on a Board agenda.  All substantive conversations by the Board must occur at public meetings and workshops.  We encourage you to attend or drop in at one of our informal coffees with two Board members.


Electronic Notification

To receive electronic notification of upcoming school board meetings, please contact Debbie Jamieson with your request.

Community Coffee Meetings with the OUSD Board in 2019!coffee

The School Board wants to hear from you!  Meet with us from 8:15 to 9:15 a.m. each Thursday morning following our monthly regular Board meetings. Two Board members will attend each coffee, and the members attending will rotate from month to month. We want to answer any questions you may have, hear your concerns and ideas, and share new information as it arises.

Next Coffee:
Thurs., October 10 , 2019
8:15-9:15 a.m.
Peet's Coffee
63 Moraga Way, Orinda

Board Member Information

Board of Trustees

Board Members
Board of Trustees (left to right): Cara Hoxie, Liz Daoust, Hillary Weiner, Jason Kaune, Carol Brown. 


Hillary Weiner, Board President (2016-2020)
phone: (925) 258-6229, e-mail:

Cara Hoxie, Board Vice President (2016-2020)
phone: (925) 258-6228, e-mail:

Carol Brown, Board Member (2014-2022)
phone: (925) 258-6226, e-mail:

Liz Daoust, Board Member (2018-2022)
phone: (925) 258-6227, e-mail:

Jason Kaune, Board Member (2014-2022)
phone: (925) 258-6225, e-mail: