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  Bobby Bardenhagen (925) 258-6205 Director of Technology
  Darryl Byrd Technology Support Technician
  Jaime Giacomi Technology Support Technician
  Matt Helder Technology Systems Administrator
  Kathy Schwarz (925) 258-6200 Administrative Secretary - Facilities/Technology


Orinda Union School District has outstanding educational technology and library/information literacy programs serving K-8. Every classroom, computer lab and office have access to e-mail and the Internet. Every student in OUSD receives technology literacy and information literacy instruction. Special thanks to the Orinda Technology Advisory Committee (OTAC) for their work to develop the 2014-2017 Technology Plan.

Orinda Standards & Benchmarks for Technology (Revisions in process - 2015)
Orinda Standards & Benchmarks for Information Literacy
Student Internet Acceptable Use Agreement

Technology Purchases

Please call Bobby Bardenhagen at (925) 258-6205 for all computer and printer purchasing.

Help Desk Support

ZOHO Technology System was created to provide additional technology support to district staff. If you have any questions or need additional help, please contact Kathy Schwarz at (925) 258-6200.

Computer and Tech Donations

Are you upgrading your home or office computer equipment? Please consider Orinda Union School District as a tax deduction for your older equipment. Contact Kathy Schwarz at (925) 258-6200.

OUSD Technology Donations Standards