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Summer Projects, June 12-August 18, 2017

Introduction of 21st Century furniture into elementary classrooms and OIS library.

Rubber surfacing under play structures at Glorietta, Sleepy Hollow, & Wagner Ranch.

Renovation of asphalt playground area including innovative play equipment, basketball standards, color striping, and ball wall at Del Rey.

Renovation of the OIS multi-purpose building including creation of exercise room.

Renovation of lower sports field at Glorietta with new water-saving irrigation system.

Creation of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Lab at Glorietta.

Electronic marquee signs at elementary schools.

Addition of adult bathrooms at Sleepy Hollow.

Construction Projects

2017 Gen7 21st Century Modular Buildings at Del Rey & Glorietta

Gen7 Modular building
In mid-June, when Summer Break starts, new modular buildings will replace 1960s era aging portables at Del Rey and Glorietta Elementary Schools. These American Modular Systems, Inc. (AMS) - Gen7 modular buildings feature "green building" elements with natural light and solar panels on the front overhang. Visit the AMS website for more information on the modulars. Four new modular buildings will be placed by crane at Del Rey and three will be placed at Glorietta on permanent concrete foundation walls.

Timeline of 21st Century Modulars Project
March 29, 2017: Application and plans for the Glorietta Modular Projects submitted to the Division of the State Architect (DSA) over-the-counter and approved.
April 7, 2017: Application and plans for the Del Rey Modular Projects submitted to (DSA) over-the-counter and approved.
April 26 - June 8, 2017: Production of the modulars in the American Modular Systems, Inc. manufacturing plant in Manteca, CA.
June 9, 2017: Last day of school for students.
June 10 - 11, 2017: Classrooms books, supplies, and furniture from the units slated to be demolished will be put into storage containers.
June 12 - August 18, 2017: Construction period at both Del Rey and Glorietta Elementary Schools.
June 12, 2017: Construction begins with the demolition of old portables. Asbestos abatement, as well as relocation of the Dolphin Club and Science Portables at Del Rey.
June 12 - 25, 2017: Rough-in plumbing and electrical work including underground trenchless boring for conduit.
June 26 - July 20, 2017: Building foundations built.
July 24 - 25, 2017: Modular buildings are delivered.
July 24 - 26, 2017: Crane delivered and set up (24th at Del Rey; 25th at Glorietta).
July 26 - August 7, 2017: Modular buildings set into place (25th at Del Rey; 26th at Glorietta).
August 4 - 16, 2017: Concrete sidewalks and asphalt paving around perimeter of buildings.
July 31 - August 7, 2017: Utilities hookup (Electrical, Water, Sewer, Data, Telephone, Fire Alarm).
August 7 - 16, 2017: Interior finishes.
August 16, 2017: Project completion and punch lists.
August 22, 2017: Students return to school.
Summer 2017 Projects

Del Rey:

  • 21st Century classroom furniture.
  • Replace ball walls and basketball courts.
  • Extend the playground asphalt by pavement under the solar panels.
  • Blacktop overlay, asphalt paving, striping including color maps and geometric areas.
  • Space in front of library will be planted with greenery and with seating areas including colorful picnic tables and "buddy bench".
  • Space in front of the new Gen7 classrooms - walkway and small amphitheater seating.
  • Electronic marquee.


  • 21st Century classroom furniture.
  • Pour-in-place rubber surfacing at lower playground equipment.
  • Remove and replace lower sports field with new sod and new self-regulating irrigation system.
  • Renovate classroom space for Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) Lab.
  • Electronic marquee.
  • Umbrellas for outdoor picnic tables.
  • Storage unit for PE staff office and PE equipment.

Sleepy Hollow:

  • 21st Century classroom furniture.
  • Electronic marquee sign.
  • Pour-in-place rubber surfacing under playground equipment.
  • Replace wooden benches.
  • Renovate PE equipment room.
  • Install adult restroom for teachers/staff on West end of campus

Wagner Ranch:

  • Entry area mudslide - structural improvements.
  • Storage improvements within pod classrooms.
  • Shelving in classroom kiosks.
  • Picnic tables outside of classrooms.
  • New asphalt slurry in primary & upper playground yards.
  • Playground striping.
  • Additional playground equipment.
  • Poured-in-place rubber surfacing at primary playground equipment.
  • New security cameras on campus. (Funding shared by WR Parents Club, City of Orinda, & OU School District.)


  • 21st Century shelving and furniture in the library.
  • Renovation of the Multi-Purpose Building including refinished floor, painted walls and doors.
  • Transform old kitchen area into exercise and yoga room.