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Board Shorts

The Board of Trustees took the following actions at their January 11, 2021 regularly scheduled

  • The Board enjoyed a first grade presentation by first graders from Del Rey.
  • The Board received a status update on state, county and local COVID-19 data and information.
  • The Board received an update on the Governor's Safe Schools for All plan.  
  • The Board approved the OPEN plan.
  • The Board approved Resolution No. 21-08 Authorizing Investment of Monies in the Local approved their OPEB Funding Guidelines.
  • The Board authorized a contribution of $10,000 to OPEB.
  • The Board discussed, but took no action on the following items:
  • The Board discussed Measures E and I priorities and asked to have a prioritization brought back to the Board from the Bond Executive Team Committee.
  • The Board discussed revisions to the Board of Trustees Protocols.
  • The Board discussed reopening childcare at Glorietta, Wagner Ranch and Sleepy Hollow.

If you would like information regarding future Board meetings, email Debbie Jamieson.