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Board Shorts

The Board of Trustees took the following actions at their September 13, 2021 regularly scheduled meeting:

  • The Board recognized reclassified English proficient students. 
  • The Board approved Resolution 22-03 Adopting the Gann Limit.
  • The Board approved the 2020-2021 Unaudited Actuals.
  • The Board approved Resolution 22-04 Sufficiency of Textbooks.
  • The Board approved the contract with Precision Concrete Cutting for Glorietta Elementary.
  • The Board approved the following items related to Bond Measures E&I:
    • The Board approved EBMUD initial fees for a fire hydrant line at Sleepy Hollow for Measures E&I.
    • The Board approved HKIT Architects, Inc. proposals for Architectural & Engineering Services-HVAC Mechanical at all school sites, with the understanding that services are to commence for HVAC without commitment of technology, pending a study/evaluation of the 60s wing project at OIS, a comparison of the study to other Orinda USD classrooms, and a review of any other relevant studies at the October 4, 2021 regular meeting of the Board.
    • The Board approved the proposal by HKIT Architects, Inc. for interim portable relocation at Sleepy Hollow.
    • The Board approved the extension of the terms of the initial members of the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee.
    • The Board approved the application of Ashley Gerhard for the community-at-large position of the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee.
    • The Board approved a change order by American Asphalt Repair & Resurfacing Company for Sleepy Hollow.
  • The Board approved the following Board Policies and Administrative Regulations:

The Board discussed, but took no action on the following items:

  • The Board received an update on enrollment.  
  • The Board discussed the format of future Board meetings.

If you would like information regarding future Board meetings, email Debbie Jamieson.